Who should take RBAC?

RBAC is appropriate for anyone who has a compromised immune system, who has a family history that is cause for concern, or who has an interest in preventative health. It is also recommended for anyone who leads an immune-weakening lifestyle. Known lifestyle factors that weaken the immune system include on-going daily stress, insufficient sleep, poor diet, smoking, drug use (including some over-the-counter and prescription drugs), and exposure to environmental toxins – a concern for factory workers and people who live in large cities, which tend to have higher levels of air pollution than rural areas.

Have any safety studies been conducted on RBAC?

Yes. RBAC has been the subject of an acute oral toxicity study, which determined that RBAC is completely non-toxic. It has also undergone the Ames Salmonella/E. coli mutagenicity test, which found that RBAC is non-mutagenic; in other words, it doesn’t cause cell mutations in bacteria and is therefore highly unlikely to be carcinogenic in humans.

Has RBAC been tested on humans?

Yes. RBAC has been used by over 400 patients in several different clinical trials. None of those patients reported any negative side effects or drug interactions after taking RBAC, yet the ingredient was remarkably effective. In fact, a recent human clinical trial in Japan found that patients who took RBAC in combination with the clinic’s standard therapy – compared to just standard therapy alone – experienced a significantly improved quality of life. In addition to the human clinical trials, tens of thousands of people worldwide have safely relied on RBAC to improve their health and wellness for more than a dozen years.

What is the appropriate dosage of RBAC?

For general immune support, take 1 gram per day of RBAC. For advanced support, an initial “loading period” of 1 gram of RBAC three times per day for four weeks is recommended. This high-dose loading period ensures that your NK cell activity reaches its peak level in a short amount of time. After four weeks, you can lower the dosage to the immune maintenance level of 1 gram per day.

How quickly does RBAC work in the body?

When taken at the “loading period” dosage of 3 grams per day, RBAC works impressively fast. Studies have shown that people taking this dosage experienced enhanced NK cell activity in just a week’s time. After four weeks, NK cell activity was at its peak. However, even without a loading period, at the maintenance dose of 1 gram per day, RBAC still boosts NK cell activity to its peak level after two months.

Is there any risk of over-stimulating the immune system with RBAC?

No. What makes RBAC different from nearly every other immune ingredient on the market is that it is not simply an immune-booster. It is an immunomodulator. In other words, if you have a compromised immune system, RBAC will strengthen it. However, if you have an over-stimulated immune system, RBAC will bring it back into balance. Therefore, there is no risk of “over-boosting” your immunity with RBAC as there is with other natural ingredients, such as Echinacea. RBAC helps you find just the right balance for your immune function.

Can RBAC be used safely for continued periods of time?

Yes. Because RBAC is an immuno-modulator and not simply an immune-booster, it can be used safely as an on-going part of your health and wellness regimen. In fact, the longest study on RBAC conducted so far – a human clinical trial that lasted a full four years – found no indications of side effects or immune system over-stimulation with the use of RBAC. Plus, unlike many other immune ingredients, RBAC does not lose effectiveness with long-term use. Because your body does not develop a “tolerance” for it, RBAC works as well on day 1000 as it did on day 1.

Why not just take rice bran?

In its raw state, rice bran has minimal immune benefits. Why? Because the immuno-modulating polysaccharides locked within rice bran are simply too large in size to be absorbed by the human body. You just end up excreting whatever you’ve consumed. RBAC, on the other hand, is a unique modified extract of rice bran. Using a patented process, rice bran extract is reacted with an enzyme from shiitake mushrooms. The enzyme acts like scissors to cut the large, unabsorbable polysaccharide, which results in a smaller molecule that is easily digested and absorbed. RBAC is the only ingredient to date that has succeeded in unlocking the immune potential of rice bran polysaccharides.