Our goal is to help consumers, patients, scientists and health professionals understand novel, non-toxic, therapeutic approaches based upon RBAC and related medicinal agents — therapeutic approaches collectively known as Immunorestoration. Our forward-looking statement of purpose is that RBAC-based Immunorestoration strategies have the potential to achieve persistent reversal of Immunosenescence and so provide us with the simplest common factor to solve the healthful longevity equation and eliminate the disorders and diseases associated with Aging.

By educating the public about RBAC and related medicinal agents, it is our hope to help people worldwide lead healthier, longer, and more prosperous lives. iPraxic is about putting the idea of optimal health into action. As an individual health consumer, scientist or professional seeking to improve the quality your own of life and those whom you care for, RBAC and its health-restoring actions will be of great interest to you.

Specifically, iPraxic focuses upon the immunomodulating properties of Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) and related medicinal agents. It has been discovered that this class of biological response modifiers — organic compounds derived from grains and grasses, and generally referred to as Immunomodulators — may be the key to slowing or halting the aging process and eliminating several of these diseases, especially Cancer.